The company

The company that publishes the Hail Report is Meteo Giornale S.r.l. ® ©, with headquarters in Milan.

In a nutshell, we deal with weather, climate research and weather publications. We have several weather websites that total approximately 100,000 daily visits.

Meteo Giornale S.r.l. owns this website and its brand, as well as the product known as Report Grandine ® © (Hail Report).

I am the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and my name is Andrea Meloni.

The Hail Report® © is a high added value product which contains detailed information on hailstorms occurred in specific geographic areas. The Hail Report is mainly used by experts that remove dents from cars damaged by hail.

Meteo Giornale S.r.l. is in Milan in Via Paolo Diacono 9 (by appointment only).

Are you interested in our services? You can contact me directly by writing in the language you find on this website. You must specify the geographical area for the Hail Report, as well as the language you prefer.

You can write to me using our form, or by emailing me at I will reply within 24 hours.