Intense hailstorm in Romania, Greece and Turkey on June 16th 2018

Vama Veche (Constance district), strong storm with wind and hail, beans up to about 2 cm, do not rule out the possibility of some larger grain.

Spilia (Larissa), strong hailstorm, considerable damage to the agricultural sector, probable beans of at least 2 cm.
We confirm in the area of Lakkoma, Agios Pavlos, Nea Kallikratia and surroundings (areas 20-30 km south of Thessaloniki), hail with grains also over 2 cm, locally up to 3 cm.

Kumluca (Antalya province), violent hailstorm, grains up to 5 cm, many damages.
Kofçaz (Kırklareli province, European Turkey on the border with Bulgaria), violent and abundant hailstorm with accumulation on the road and beans up to 4 cm.
In the province of Antalya, beyond Kumluca, strong hailstorms have affected the area of Demre, Gurses and the surrounding area, and the Finike area.