Intense hailstorm in Europe on September 3rd 2018

Abundant hailstorms with deposit on the ground around Encampo and Canillo, with beans that locally would have reached or exceeded 3 cm. Probable damage.

San Felices de los Gallegos (Castile and Leon), violent hailstorms 2-3 cm. Possible damage.
Aielo de Malferit (Valencian Community), violent hailstorm grain max 3 cm. Possible damage.
Gaianes (Valencian Community), violent hailstones grains 3 cm and above. Possible damage.
Font de la Figuera, Vallada, Llutxent, and Ontinyent: violent hailstorms with deposit on the ground. Possible presence of beans over 2 cm.
Valdelinares (Aragon), strong hailstorm light deposit on the ground beans max 2 cm.
Surroundings of Concud (Teruel, Aragon), violent hailstorm with grains that would have exceeded 2 cm.
Quintanar del Rey and Motilla del Palancar (Castilla-La Mancha), abundant hailstorm deposit on the ground possible presence of beans over 2 cm.
Letur and surroundings, violent hailstones 2 cm and above. No possibility of damages.
Baza (Andalusia), violent hailstones of 3-4 cm. Damage.
Vizcale and its surroundings (Municipality of Nerpio, Castile-La Mancha), violent hailstones grains up to 5 cm with damage.
Olmedo de Camaces (Castile and Leon), extremely violent hailstones 2-3 cm possible damage.

Zalău (district of Sălaj, Transilvania) dense hailstorm deposit to the ground not excluding the presence of beans over 2 cm.
Beliş, County Cluj Intense hailstorm with possible beans of 2 cm and more.

Kosice, reported hail showers in some areas of the city beans max 2 cm.