Intense hailstorm in Europe on June 22th 2018


Update on the hailstorm that hit the vicinity of Tirano (province of Sondrio), in the area between Mazzo di Valtellina, Tovo di Sant’Agata, Lovero and Sernio, beans maximum size locally up to 3 cm.

A strong hailstorm occurred in Val Vibrata, especially in Nereto, max 4 cm.

Violent hailstorm in the area around Torremaggiore and San Paolo di Civitate (province of Foggia), with 3 cm grains in the Tronco / Selva delle Grotte area. The hailstorm has arrived up to San Severo but with smaller grains.

Kostinbrod (Sofia Region), abundant violin hailstorm with grains of 2-3 cm in diameter. Possible damage.
Levka (Haskovo region), dense hailstorm, grains up to about 2 cm, reported agricultural sector damage.
Devnya (Varna region), hail but with grains less than 2 cm.

Rogojel (Cluj district), violent and abundant hailstorm with 2-3 cm grains.
Timişu de Sus (Brasov district), intense hailstorm with slight accumulation on the road, grains over 2 cm, maximum size almost 3 cm.

Şoldăneşti, strong hailstorm with grains up to 2 cm, possible slightly larger maximum size.