Intense hailstorm in Europe on June 10th 2018

Ginsheim-Gustavsburg (district of Groß-Gerau, Hesse), we have news of a strong hailstorm, possible beans of about 3 cm.

Blackford (area of ​​Perth and Kinross, Scotland), violent hailstorm with grains of at least 2 cm, probable larger. Possible damage.

Klíny (District of Most), violent hailstorm with grains up to 3 cm in diameter. Possible damage.
Near Litvínov (District of Most), violent hailstorm with deposit on the ground. Beans 3 cm and above, damage.
Jihlava, heavy showers of hail with grains that would have exceeded 2 cm. Not excluding damages.

Partizánske, strong hailstorm with slight deposit on the ground and grains of about 2 cm in diameter.
Reports of hail also reported on Kosice, but beans that should not have exceeded 2 cm.
Vráble (District of Nitra), news of hail showers with beans of 1-2 cm.

Molln (Upper Austria), dense hailstorm, grains not exceeding 2 cm.

Marval-Milhaguet and surroundings (Haute-Vienne), strong hailstorm with grains up to 3 cm. The area is close to Saint-Barthélemy-de-Bussière already reported in the previous report and where there have been damage to cars.
Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse and Chevreuse (Yvelines), strong hailstorm, beans maximum size more than 2 cm.
Combrailles (Puy-de-Dome), dense hail but beans less than 2 cm.
Le Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire), hail but with grains under 2 cm.
Concerning the hailstorms in the Tarn-et-Garonne department, much damage is reported in the area between Maubec, Le Causé, Faudoas and Escazeaux. In particular, many cars are damaged at Le Causé. It is an area a few kilometers from Brignemont and Sarrant that we had already indicated hit by strong hailstorms.