Intense hailstorm in Europe on July 22th 2018


Padua, strong hail in the city center, beans up to 2 cm.
Albignasego (province of Padua), strong hailstorm with beans of 3-4 cm. Beans up to about 3 cm have also fallen on other areas south of Padua such as Ponte San Nicolò, Salboro, Casalserugo, Maserà di Padova.

Milan, hail in some areas of the city, especially in the eastern areas, mostly small grains, some beans close to 2 cm.
Como, hailed dense, the grains should have remained within the 2 cm threshold.

Kaloyanovets (District of Stara Zagora), violent hailstorm with beans of 3-4 cm. Damage.
Mezdra (District of Vraca), extensive damage due to hailstones of 6-7 cm.
Varna, marked violent hailstorm with grains up to 3 cm on whine south of the city.
Stara Zagora, dense hail on some neighborhoods but not more than 2 cm.
Asenovgrad (Municipality of Zlatovrăh, District of Plovdiv), large damage due to beans of 5 cm and above.
Suvorovo, Chernevo and Devnya (Varna), news of damage due to hail grains over 4 cm.
Yagodovo (Plovdiv), abundant violin hailstorm with grains of 3 cm and more. Reported damage.

Pitesti (District of Argeş), huge hailstorm with damages in various areas of the city. 3-4 cm beans
Costeşti and its surroundings (Vâlcea district), very heavy damages cause hailstones of 6-7 cm.
Snagov (district of Ilfov), huge hailstorm with beans of 3-4 cm. Damage.

Virovo, Milićevo Selo, Godovik, (District of Zlatibor), violent hailstorms with grains over 3 cm. Reported damage.
Gornja Kravarica, Rti and Kaona (District of Moravica), violent hailstorms with grains of 3 cm and more. Reported damage.
Čestereg (District of Vojvodina), strong hailstorm with deposit on the ground. Beans 3 cm and above, damage.

Strong hail in the south of Barcelona, ​​between El Prat de Llobregat and Cornellà de Llobregat, grains up to over 3 cm. Maximum size between 2 and 3 cm on Sant Just Desvern, San Feliú de Llobregat, Sant Joan Despí, Esplugues de Llobregat and Sant Cugat del Vallès.
In the hinterland of Barcelona, ​​beans up to almost 3 cm on Sabadell.
In Barcelona city beans up to 2 cm in the area between Carrer d’Entença, Josep Tarradelles, Camp Nou and Parque de Cervantes.
Campins (province of Barcelona), hailstorm with beans up to 2 cm.
El Toro (province of Castellon), dense hail with beans up to 2 cm.
Mollerussa (province of Lleida), we have news of a strong hailstorm, we are still performing checks on this event. We will provide any other information later.
Molins de Rei (province of Barcelona), strong hailstorm, beans up to 2.5 cm.
Motorway A-23 near Teruel, strong hailstorm with abundant accumulation on the road, beans up to about 2 cm.
Langayo, Piña de Esgueva, Castrillo Tejeriego (province of Valladolid), strong hailstorms with many damages to the agricultural sector, compatible with beans of at least 2 cm.
Bennloch (province of Castellon), dense hail, beans up to 2 cm.
As for Mollerussa, we carried out other checks, there were no hailstorms during the day of 22, in the surroundings of Lleida there were hail (already reported) on July 20 that may have also affected Mollerussa.