Devastating hailstorm on 23rd April 2018 in Germany, France and Austria

Ziegelroda (district Saalekreis, Saxony-Anhalt), strong hailstorm with grains maximum size almost 3 cm.
Bayreuth northern outskirts (Upper Franconian government district, Bavaria), strong hailstorm, beans up to about 2 cm.
Leipzig (Saxony), hail in the city, however with small grains, less than 2 cm.

Jennerdorf, Neumarkt an der Raab and Hohenbrugg-Weinberg (border between Styria and Burgenland), dense hail, slight accumulation on the ground, grains maximum size not exceeding 2 cm.
Between Puch bei Hallein and Hallein (Salzburg region), dense hailstorm, grains within the 2 cm threshold.

Martiel and other areas near Villefranche-de-Rouergue (Aveyron department), we have news of strong thunderstorms with hail, at the moment we do not know the size of beans.
Saint-Julien-le-Roux (dip Ardeche), strong hail with accumulation on the road, grains up to 2 cm.
We confirm the hailstorms in the area of ​​Martiel, Toulonjac, Saint-Remy (Aveyron depot), however the greatest damage occurred due to the very heavy rainfall.

Strzelce Opolskie (Opole Voivodeship), dense hailstorm with accumulation on the ground. Beans up to 2 cm in diameter.
Przeciszów (Lesser Poland Voivodeship), hail with accumulation on the ground of several cm in height. Beans up to 2 cm.
Stanica and surroundings (Silesia), violent hail showers. Reported beans over 2 cm.
Jelenia Góra (Lower Silesia), violent hailstones grains 3 cm and more. Probable damage.
Gluszyca (Lower Silesia), abundant hailstones up to 2 cm.
Nowa Ruda (Lower Silesia), abundant hailstones up to 2 cm.

Budapest, reported heavy rains of hail on the western and southern districts of the city. Especially on Gödöllő and Gyömrő where hail has caused accumulation on the ground with grains of 2 cm and more. We can not exclude car damage.
Szigetszentmiklós (Province of Pest), dense hailstorm accumulates on the ground beans up to 2 cm.
Bükkábrány (Province of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén), dense hailstorm accumulation on the ground beans 1-2 cm max.

Hviezdoslavov (District of Dunajská Streda), violent hailstorm grain max 2-3 cm. Possible damage.