Devastating hailstorm in Portugal and Spain on July 11th 2018

Vila Pouca de Aguiar (District of Vila Real), violent hailstorm with deposit on the ground. Possible presence of beans over 2 cm.
Lagoa (municipality of Macedo de Cavaleiros, district of Bragança), strong hailstorm, grains up to over 3 cm.
Padrela (municipality of Valpaços (Vila Real district), dense hail but beans less than 2 cm.

Morella and surroundings (the Comarca of Els Ports), violent hailstorm with ground deposit. Reported beans over 2 cm. In the Cinctorres area may have exceeded 3 cm.
Surroundings of Valencia, marked hailstorm on Casas de Madrona with beans up to 2 cm.
Saragossa, dense hailstorm with deposit on the ground especially on north and west areas. Beans up to 2 cm, not excluding grains of a larger diameter.
Brea de Aragon, abundant violin hailstorm with 2-3 cm grains. Bigger beans are not excluded. Possible damage.
Cinctorres and on the road that connects Cinctorres to Morella (province of Castellon), hail with big grains, reported car damage.
Forcall (near Morella, province of Castellon), strong hailstorm, beans up to about 2 / 2.5 cm.
Xert (province of Castellon), strong hailstorm with grains up to 2.5 / 3 cm.
Iglesuela del Cid (province of Teruel), strong hailstorm, beans up to 2 / 2.5 cm.
Between Cuencas Mineras and Martín del Río (Teruel province), dense hail, beans up to about 2 cm.
Villastar (province of Teruel), dense hailstorm, grains however under 2 cm.
Torlengua (province of Soria), strong hailstorm with accumulation on the ground, beans maximum size of more than 2 cm.
Montesa, Canals and Vallada (province of Valencia), we have news of hailstorms with damages to the agricultural sector.
Cerezo de Arriba (province of Segovia), strong hailstorm, beans of about 2 cm, possible maximum maximum size.
Padiernos and surroundings (province of Avila), strong to abundant hailstorms, grains up to 3 cm. The hailstorm hit the N-110 national road.