Devastating hailstorm in Italy, France and Austria on 4th June 2018


Lazise (province of Verona), strong hailstorm, beans up to 3 cm with a lot of wind
Various hailstorms associated with strong blows of wind hit the areas east of Verona, between San Martino Buonalbergo, Lavagno, Belfiore, Caldiero and Zevio, however there are small grains, under 2 cm.
Hail south / south-west of Verona, in the area between Isola della Scala and Villafranca Veronese. Also in this case we find small-sized beans.
Another hailstorm hit the area of ​​Valeggio sul Mincio, the possibility of new damages is not excluded.
In the province of Rovigo, some hailstorms in the area between Trecenta and Badia Polesine, however, there are no significant sized grains.

Telgate (province of Bergamo), short hailstorm with grains maximum size about 1.5 cm.
In Mantua, scattered hailstorms are reported in the area between San Giacomo delle Segnate, Quistello, Quingentole, Schivenoglia, Magnacavallo, Villa Poma and Poggio Rusco. The area has been hit by strong blows of wind and only locally by hail, which at the moment is not large.

Noceto (province of Parma), violent hailstorm with grains over 4 cm and damage.
Hail on Reggio Emilia, event still under review, at the moment there are no big beans.
Ravennate: Fusignano, Bagnacavallo, Lugo Est dim max 3-4 cm car damage
Between Medesano and Ramiola, Province of Parma, max 3-4 cm of car damage.
Between Fidenza and Parma, the area of ​​Noceto is particularly affected, where the roofs of the houses have been drilled for 6 cm diameter grains.
Concordia sulla Secchia (Modena), violent hailstorm with grains of 5 cm and damage. Hail also spread over part of the territories of San Possidonio, Mirandola, between Fossoli and Novi di Modena, and Cavezzo.Reggio Emilia, we confirm short hailstorm with small grains. In the countries to the west of the city (Pieve Modolena and surroundings), a major event with grains up to over 2 cm. Hail also in Rio Saliceto with grains under 2 cm.
Some hailstorm in the Ferrara area, the most affected area is that of Masi Torello and surroundings, however we have no news of beans from 2 cm upwards. Hail also on the border with the province of Mantua, but small.

Val Vomano (province of Teramo), strong hailstorm, beans of 3-4 cm, news of car damage.
Basciano (province of Teramo), we confirm strong hailstorm, both on Basciano and on Val Vomano, with grains over 3 cm and damage car.MARCHE
Jesi and rural areas between Jesi and Osimo (province of Ancona), dense hail with beans up to 2 cm. Hail also on Filottrano but with smaller grains.
We confirm the hailstorm in the area of ​​Jesi and surroundings, with beans maximum size even slightly over 2 cm. Damage news also to some cars.

Martina Franca (province of Taranto), strong hailstorm with grains up to 3 / 3.5 cm. Probable car damage.
Hail between Noci, Gioia del Colle and Putignano (province of Bari), at the moment there are no beans above 2 cm, an event still under review.

Outskirts to east-south / east of Iglesias and industrial area of ​​Iglesias, we have news of a strong hailstorm with material damage, probable beans of over 2 cm.


Graz (Styria), reported violent hailstorms in various districts. On the industrial district of Puntigam, beans of over 3 cm with probability of car damage, even on St. Peter beans up to 3 cm. On Jakomini very hard grains of about 2 / 2.5 cm.
Eisenerz and surroundings (Styria), dense hailstorm with slight deposit on the ground. Beans 2 cm, not excluding the presence of larger beans.
Mureck and surroundings (Styria), dense hailstorm with slight deposit on the ground. Beans 2 cm, not excluding the presence of larger beans.
Ebersdorf (Styria), drops of hail grain max 2 cm.
Sankt Peter am Ottersbach (Styria), reported violent hailstorm with grains that may have reached 3 cm. Not excluding damages.
Steindorf am Ossiacher See (Carinthia), abundant hailstorm with ground clearance of several cm in height. The presence of beans over 2 cm is not excluded.
Schwarzlsee and surroundings (it is a recreational center, in Styria), beans over 4 cm in diameter. Significant damage reported.
Zettling (Graz-Umgebung district, Styria), extremely violent hailstorm with slight deposit on the ground. Not excluded beans over 2 cm.Peggau (district of Graz-Umgebung, Styria), violent hailstorm with slight deposit on the ground. Beans up to 3 cm, probable damage.
Feldkirchen bei Graz (district of Graz-Umgebung, Styria), reported damage to beans of 3-4 cm in diameter.
Unterpremstätten (south of Graz), grains up to 5 cm. Massive damage.
Sankt Leonhard im Pitztal (Tyrol), dense hail with grains up to 3 cm. Probable damage.
Deutschfeistritz, abundant hailstorm with accumulation on the ground. Beans of 1-2 cm, but the presence of larger grains is not excluded.

Allschwil (Canton of Basel-Landschaft), strong hailstorm with slight deposit on the ground. Beans up to 2 cm in diameter.
La Côte-aux-Fées (Canton Neuchâtel), abundant hailstorm with ground deposit of 4-5 cm in height. The presence of beans over 2 cm is not excluded.


Spechbach-le-Bas and other areas near the south of Mulhouse (Haute-Rhin), hailstorm with grains up to 2 / 2.5 cm.
Épenoy (Doubs), strong hail with accumulation on the ground, grains up to at least 2 cm.
Deyvillers or surroundings (Vosges), a lot of rain, short hailstorm with beans up to 2-3 cm.


Slovenj Gradec, hailstorm with grains up to about 2 cm.


Žbrlini, Trošti and other areas in the southern part of the district of Pazin (Istria), dense hail with slight accumulation on the road, grains not exceeding 2 cm.


Tarigrad (Drochia district), hailstorm with damage reported to the agricultural sector.