Devastating hailstorm in Europe on July 14th 2018

Bassano del Grappa (especially north / north-east / east of the city), Pove del Grappa and Romano d’Ezzelino (province of Vicenza), violent hailstorm, grains up to 6-7 cm, car damage. The hailstorm also affected Mussolente with beans up to 4 cm.

Chivasso (province of Turin), violent hailstorm, grains up to 5-6 cm, car damage
Brusasco and Marcorengo (province of Turin), dense hailstorm, grains of 2-3 cm.
Savigliano (province of Cuneo), strong hailstorm, grains up to 3 cm, reported damage.
Vignolo (province of Cuneo), dense hail, beans up to 3 cm.
We confirm auto damage in the Savigliano area. In addition, the hailstorm reported to Vignolo has also affected other areas south of Cuneo as Mellana and the same southern suburbs of Cuneo city.
Piozzo and Carrù (province of Cuneo), strong hailstorm, reported damage to the agricultural sector.

Felina, Fariolo, Carpineti, other nearby towns (province of Reggio Emilia), strong hailstones beans up to 3 cm.
Borzano (municipality of Canossa, province of Reggio Emilia), strong hailstorm, beans up to 3 cm.
Ariolla and Campora (province of Parma), hail and strong wind, grains over 2 cm.
Scurano (Ariolla, province of Parma), we specify better size beans, have reached 4 cm, causing car damage.
Cozzano (province of Parma), strong hailstorm, beans up to 3-4 cm.

Hartberg and various surrounding villages, from Pöllauberg, to Löffelbach, Schildbach, Wagenbach, Unterdombach, Oberbuch, Buch-Geiseldorf, Unterbuch, up to Bad Waltersdorf (Styria), violent hailstorm, accumulation on the road and grains over 3 cm. Also hit the A2 motorway near Hartberg. Reported car damage.
Weichselbaum and Maria Bild (Burgenland), violent hailstorm accompanied by strong wind, beans up to about 3 cm.

Szentgotthárd (province of Vas), dense hail with beans up to 2 cm. In the surroundings, towards the border with Austria and Slovenia, possibility of even bigger grains.
Hajdúböszörmény (Hajdu-Bihar province), dense hail, grains up to over 2 / 2.5 cm.

Delsbo (county of Gavleborg), dense hail with beans up to 2 cm.

Vaasa (Ostrobotnia), dense hail with beans up to 2 / 2.5 cm.

Valle de Losa (Burgos province), dense hail with slight accumulation on the ground, grains up to 2 / 2.5 cm.

Lyon, short hailstorm in the city, grains under the 2 cm threshold.
Ornolac-Ussat-les-Bains (Ariège department), dense hail, beans up to 2 cm.