Devastating hailstorm in Europe on August 3rd – 4th 2018


Bultei (province of Sassari), dense hail, beans about 2 cm. Nearby we have news of larger beans, up to about 4 cm, with car damage. We will do further checks in the morning to locate the event more precisely.
We specify that the large beans, up to 3-4 cm, reported in the night report, have fallen right in the area of ​​Bultei and surroundings.

New hailstorm on Naples, quite intense downpours especially on areas east and south of the city. Beans not over 2 cm.

Vicinity of Los Gudalperales and Madrigalejo (Extremadura, border between provinces of Badajoz and Caceres), strong hailstorm, damage to the agricultural sector

Mons (Var), hailstorm with grains up to about 2 cm.
About hailings two days ago, on Reignier-Ésery (Haute-Savoie, near the already reported Pers-Jussy), hail with beans up to 4 cm.

Violent hail in the Lower Silesia region, on Czaple, Pielgrzymka and Twardocice (Złotoryia district), Zbylutów and Lwówek Śląski (Lwówek Śląski district) and Pieszków (Lubin district) up to about 4 cm.

Kožlany (Plzen region), dense hail, grains up to almost 3 cm.
Most (Usti nad Labem region), dense hail, beans up to 2 cm.
Nová Ves and Kunčina (Pardubice region), dense hailstorm, grains up to over 2 cm.

Kamari (Põltsamaa county, Jõgevamaa region), strong hailstorm with grains up to over 3 cm.
Rakvere (Lääne-Virumaa region), particularly in the south-western outskirts of the city, strong hailstorm, beans up to 3 cm.

Bolshoy Vyas (Penza region), dense hailstorm, beans up to 2-3 cm.
Pavlovsky Posad (Moscow region), dense hailstorm, grains maximum size almost 3 cm.
Vyborg (Leningrad region), dense hail, light accumulation on the road, beans up to 2 cm.

Albufeira (Algarve), short hailstorm, beans up to 2 cm, but rather sparse. Other hailstorms in Portugal but with smaller grains.

Vedevåg (district of Lindesberg, county of Örebro), hailstorm with grains up to 2 / 2.5 cm.
Alva (county of Gotland), strong hailstorm, grains up to 2 / 2.5 cm.
Hail in various areas around Stockholm, with beans generally not more than 2 cm, but possible maximum slightly higher size, we have news from Saltsjö-Duvnäs and Värmdö. Possible other events always in the area east of Stockholm.

Hail in the surroundings of Amberg (Upper Palatinate, Bavaria), we have news from Ammerthal with hailstones and grains up to over 2 cm and along the A6 motorway near Trisching always with grains up to over 2 cm. Possible maximum size of about 3 cm.