Devastating hailstorm in Europe on August 28th 2018

Biarritz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques department), strong hailstorm, grains up to 3 / 3.5 cm.
Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques department), hailstorm, beans up to 2 cm in the Gelos area.
Dax and surroundings (Landes department), hailstorm with grains maximum size not exceeding 2 cm.
Soorts-Hossegor (Landes department), hailstorm with beans maximum size not exceeding 2 cm.
Cerizay (Deux-Sevres department), hailstorm accompanied by wind and with beans not over 2 cm.
Listrac-Médoc et Saint-Laurent-Médoc (department Gironde), we have news of a dense hailstorm, at the moment there is no known bean size.

Lekeitio (Basque Country), extremely violent hailstones 2-3 cm with possible damage.
Berriatua and surroundings (Basque Country), devastating hailstones over 6 cm large damage.
Zaratamo and its surroundings (Basque Country), extensive damage due to hail grains of over 5 cm.
Guernica (Basque Country), violent hailstorm deposit on the ground beans over 2 cm. Possible damage.
Bilbao, hail showers in various districts of the city. Beans max 2 cm.
Mansilla de las Mulas, Villanueva de las Manzanas, Villacelama and Roderos (Castile Leon), violent hailstorms with ground deposit over 2 cm. Possible damage.
Sallent de Gállego (Aragón), strong hailstorm grain max 2 cm very hard.
Alcalà della Selva, dense hailstorm with deposit on the ground. Beans max 2 cm.
Villastar (Aragon), violent hailstorm beans max 4 cm. Damage.
Urrea de Gaén (Aragon), violent hailstorm with beans of 3-4 cm and more. Damage.
Híjar (Aragon), strong hailstorm beans 2-3 cm with possible damage.
Samper de Calanda (Aragon), violent hailed grains over 2 cm. Possible damage.
Torla-Ordesa (Aragon), violent hailstorm deposit on the ground. Possible presence of beans over 2 cm.
La Colladiella (Municipality of Mieres, Asturias), violent hailstorm with grains up to 5 cm in diameter. Although it is a mountain area, it can be reached by car. Probable car damage.
Zaragoza (Aragon), hail on various areas of the city. The west and north districts are more affected, beans up to 2 cm.
Aýna and surroundings (Castile-La Mancha), abundant hailstorm with ground deposit. The presence of beans over 2 cm is not excluded.
Yeste (Castilla-La Mancha), dense hailstorm with ground clearance. Beans over 2 cm, possible damage.
Falces (Navarra), strong hail 2 cm with possibility of larger grains.
Pamplona (Navarre), heavy rains of hail in various city districts. Beans max 2 cm.

Aydinlar and Şatırlar (district of Saruhanlı, province of Manisa), strong hailstorm, grains up to 3-4 cm with damage.
Burhan (district of Tavşanlı, province of Kütahya), strong hailstorm with accumulation on the ground and grains of 2-3 cm. The hailstorm has also hit the village of Gökçedağ.
Kağızman (province of Kars), strong hailstorm with abundant accumulation on the road, probable beans of over 2 cm.