Dense hailstorm in Italy and Greece on 16th April 2018


Altamura, Putignano, Cassano alle Murge, Noci, Santeramo in Colle, Fasano, ditches hailed, grains within the 2 cm threshold, even if you can not exclude some grain equal or higher than this threshold. On Altamura and Putignano the most intense events.

Rakitna (Brezovica, Central Slovenia), violent hailstones beans 3-4 cm. Car damage.
Trbovlje, violent hailstorm with abundant accumulation on the road. Given the high accumulation of hail, we do not rule out the presence of grains over 2 cm. Hail also on Zagorje ob Savi and between Trbovlje and Dobovec.
Kočevje, strong hailstorm, possible beans up to over 2 cm.

Hail between the municipalities of Karlovac and Duga Resa, we have news from Donji Velemerić with beans not over 2 cm.

Graz, abundant hailstorm with accumulation on the ground. Reported beans locally above 2 cm, especially in the western and northern areas of the city.
We confirm the strong hailstorm that struck Graz and other areas around the city, even south of Graz, such as Wundschuh and Wutschdorf. Beans up to 2 cm, but given the abundant amount of hail, do not rule out the possibility of the presence of larger beans.

Patras (Western Greece), hail in the suburbs of the city with slight accumulation on the ground, however, beans below 2 cm in diameter.