Crushing hailstorm with damage in Europe on July 12th 2018


Strong hailstorms in the area between Cuorgnè and Rivarolo Canavese (province of Turin), in particular about Cuorgnè Valperga grains and up to more than 4 cm. Hail also in Favria, Ozegna and other surrounding countries.
Strong hailstorm in the northern suburbs of Turin (near Juventus stadium), maximum grain size between 2 and 3 cm. The hailstorm has also affected the northern ring road between Turin North and Venaria Reale.
Moncalieri (province of Turin), hailstorm with beans maximum size 2 cm.
Savigliano or surroundings (province of Cuneo), strong hailstorm, grains over 2 cm.
Frabosa Sottana (province of Cuneo), strong hailstorm, beans of about 2 cm.
More hailstorms affected the plains on horseback between the provinces of Turin and Cuneo, however at the moment we have no reports of significant events.

Clavesana (province of Cuneo), strong hailstorm, beans of about 2 cm, maximum size up to 3 cm.
Virle Piedmont, Carignano, Polonghera, Casalgrasso, other areas of the surroundings on the border between the provinces of Cuneo and Turin, dense hail, grains up to 2 cm, locally possible maximum size slightly higher.
As for the hailstorm of Savigliano, it affected the area north of the town up to Racconigi. 2-3 cm beans
We confirm the strong hailstorms in the Canavese, the area between Cuorgnè and Rivarolo Canavese, with grains of more than 4 cm of Valperga, and about 3 cm of San Martino, Salassa, Oglianico, Favria and Ozegna.
None (province of Turin), hailstorm, however, there are beans less than 2 cm.

Livo and Cis (province of Trento), intense hailstorm, grains on average not very large, but possible maximum size of more than 2 cm. Hailed also in the area of ​​Tassullo, Pavillo and Rallo.

Reported hailstorm between Korzeniec Birzca and, in particular along the highway 28 where there was deposit on the ground and beans up to 2 cm. We do not exclude the possibility of slightly higher grains.

Cinctorres and surroundings (province of Castellon), beans up to 5-6 cm, we confirm auto damage.