Crushing hailstorm in Russia Ukraine and France on June 30th 2018

Violent hailstorms in the Krasnodar Territory (south of European Russia), grains with a maximum size ranging between 5 and 8 cm hit the districts of Timaševskij, Kalininskij, Brjuchoveckij, Pavlovskij, Vyselkovskij. The district of Timaševskij was the most affected with a great deal of damage, including cars in the village of Novokorsunskaya and its surroundings. Among the other villages concerned we mention Nezaymanovskiy, Baturinskaya, Irkliyevskaya, Staroleushkovskaya.
Also in the Krasnodar Territory, violent hailstorms affected the Novomyshastovskaya, Fedorovskaya and Yekaterinovskiy areas with grains up to 6-8 cm.
Pavlo-Ochakovo (Rostov region), violent hailstorm with grains up to over 4 cm and damage. Strong hailstorms have affected other areas in the area of ​​Azov and its surroundings.
Hail in the district of Kašarskij (Rostov region), with grains up to almost 3 cm.

Luhansk, violent hailstorm, beans up to about 4 cm.

Leza (province of Vitoria-Gasteiz), dense hail with beans up to 2 cm.

Dax, Saint-Pandelon, Heguas, Téthieu, in general the area around Dax (Landes department), dense hail, beans generally not more than 2 cm, but locally up to 3 cm.
Montmorillon (Vienne), dense hail with beans maximum size 2 cm.