Crushing hailstorm in Italy, Germany and Spain on 30th May 2018


Rome north-east, neighborhoods Montesacro, Settebagni, reported hail with beans up to about 2 cm. Currently there are no larger beans, but checks are underway.
Colleferro or nearby (province of Rome), hail but with grains under the 2 cm threshold.
Rieti, strong hailstorm, beans up to 2.5 / 3 cm, possible damage.
Trevi in ​​Lazio (province of Frosinone), dense hail with beans up to 2 cm.

Bari area Palese airport, dense hail, beans up to about 2 cm. The possibility of some larger beans is not excluded

Acri (province of Cosenza), dense hailstorm, beans maximum size 3 cm.

Turin, reported abundant hailstorm in various areas of the city. Deposit on the ground, not excluding the presence of beans over 2 cm.
Trino (Vercelli), strong hailstorm, grains up to 3 cm, possible maximum maximum size. Reported damage.
Turin. We confirm grains up to over 2 cm in the city center boundary with southern outskirts. Strong hailstorm in the province of Castellamonte. Hail also on Borgaro Torinese and Caselle Torinese.
Valperga (province of Turin), dense hail with beans up to 2 cm. Hailstones also reported on Leini and Lombardore and in the area between Barbania and Favria, not with large grains but associated with strong wind.

Strong hail in Milan Malpensa airport area, east area, from Lonate Pozzolo VA towards Gallarese. Maximum size of at least 2 cm. Car damage reported by some.
Varessotto, from Solbiate Anno to Azzate, highway Laghi and up to the coast of Lake Varese, hail 2-3 cm
Province of Pavia, Gualdrasco and up to Siziano, hail 2-3 cm in diameter with stormy wind.Besnate, Jerago with Orago, Cavaria with Premezzo, Albizzate, Azzate, Castronno, Gazzada Schianno (province of Varese), we confirm strong hailstorms, 3 cm beans Damage.
We confirm the violent hail in the Varese area to the north and east of the Malpensa airport, with beans up to almost 4 cm between Arsago Seprio, Besnate, Jerago with Orago, Sumirago, Albizzate, Castronno, Cavaria with Premezzo, Azzate. The hailstorm hit also the A8 motorway and the motorway link with the A26.
Parlasco (province of Lecco) and other areas near the Alta Valsassina, strong hailstorm with accumulation on the ground and grains up to at least 2 cm.


Munster (North Rhine-Westphalia), dense light hailstorm deposit to the ground beans max 2 cm.
Wolfsburg (Lower Saxony), reported drops of hailstones 1-2 cm.
Report strong hailstorms in the surroundings of Görwihl (Hotzenwald region, Baden-Württemberg), with storage on the ground. The presence of beans over 2 cm is not excluded.
Grenzach-Wyhlen (Baden-Württemberg), dense hailed grains over 2 cm. Possible damage.
Weißensberg (Swabia, Bavaria), strong hailstorm with beans up to 2.5 cm. The hailstorms hit the whole southern part of Lake Constance, on the border between Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Prague, reported hail showers with grains over 2 cm even in the central area. We report in particular the area of ​​Vinohrady, not excluding car damage.
Ostrava, violent hailstorm that has hit various districts of the city. Beans up to 2 cm.


Nozeroy (Jura), violent and abundant hailstorm, grains up to over 4 cm, many damages. Strong hail also on Saint-Laurent-en-Grandvaux, Clairvaux-Les-Lacs and Moirans-en-Montagne.
Between Roquebrun and Vieussan (Herault), violent hailstorms with grains over 3 cm.
Brémondans (Doubs), strong hailstorm, beans maximum size over 3 cm.
Chapelle-d’Huin (Doubs), dense hail with beans of about 2 cm.
Tournefeuille (Upper Garonne, south-west of Toulouse belonging to the urban agglomeration), violent hailstorm with grains of 2-3 cm. Possible damage.
In the vicinity of Nozeroy (Jura), violent hail also on Censeau and Esserval-Tartre, with beans maximum size 4 cm. On Nozeroy up to 5 cm. Many damages.
In the vicinity of Saint-Laurent-en-Grandvaux (Jura), a violent hailstorm has affected La Chaumusse, with abundant accumulation on the ground and large grains.
Montagnieu (Ain), we have news of a strong hailstorm with much damage to the agricultural sector. Probable beans of over 2 cm.
Brie-Comte-Robert (Seine-et-Marne), thunderstorm with a lot of rain and hail, however with grains under the 2 cm threshold.
Belmont-sur-Buttant (Vosge), intense hailstorm, beans up to 2 cm.


Baden, Wettingen and Ehrendingen (canton Aargau), violent and abundant hailstorm, beans up to 3-4 cm.
Oberweningen and Schöfflisdorf (canton of Zurich), violent and abundant hailstorm with beans up to 4 cm.
Hail in the Dietikon area and Urdorf (canton of Zurich), with grains under 2 cm.
Ermenswil (canton of St. Gall), strong hailstorm with beans up to 2.5 cm. The hailstorm also affected Rapperswil other areas in the area between Wald and Rapperswil with beans of at least 2 cm. We have news of other hailstorms scattered in the districts of Hinwil and Pfäffikon (canton of Zurich).
Rebstein (canton of St. Gall), violent hailstorm with grains up to almost 4 cm.
Hailstones have also affected some areas along Lake Constance (canton Thurgau), however with grains under 2 cm.
Bachs (canton of Zurich), violent hailstorm associated with strong wind, grains up to over 3 cm.
On Wald (canton of Zurich) maximum grain size 4 cm.
Strong hail also on Niederweningen and Schleinikon (areas near Oberweningen, canton of Zurich) with beans of 3-4 cm.


Hörbranz (Vorarlberg), dense hail with beans up to 2 cm.


Nijmegen, we confirm beans even greater than 2 cm, especially in the Lindenholt area.
Hail in the Rotterdam area, in particular on Schiedam with grains up to over 2 cm.


Onda, Tales, Sueras (province of Castellon), intense hailstorm with accumulation on the road, grains up to about 2 cm, not excluding the possibility of larger grains.
Pobla de Benifassà (province of Castellon), dense hail with beans up to 2 cm.
Villar del Arzobispo (province of Valencia), dense hail, beans no more than 2 cm.
Malpica de Arba, Farasdués and surroundings (province of Zaragoza), strong hailstorms, reported many damages to the agricultural sector.
El Frasno (province of Zaragoza), dense hail with damage to the agricultural sector.
The Vall d’Uixó


Gorzów Wielkopolski (Lubusz Voivodeship), dense hail but not larger than 2 cm.


Abazlı, Yeniyapanşeyhli, Derekışla, Koçyayla, Yeniyapançarşak, Ahmetçayırı (all places in the province of Ankara), ditches hailed with deposit on the ground but from the available info the beans should not have exceeded 2 cm.