Crushing hailstorm in Italy, Germany and East-Europe on 7th June 2018


Turin, hailed in the city center, near the Po River, the beans have reached 2 cm in diameter, not excluding even some larger beans. Possibility of some car damage.
Almese (province of Turin), very dense hail with light accumulation on the ground. The beans should not have exceeded 2 cm.

Some hailstorms in the lower Brescia area, between Azzano Mella and Capriano del Colle and in the Montichiari area. Beans not exceeding 2 cm.
Some hailstorms also in the area of ​​Franciacorta (Brescia), we have news from Corte Franca, with sporadic beans of 2 cm or so.

Pavullo nel Frignano (province of Modena), dense hail with beans, maximum size almost 2 cm.
Many intense thunderstorms but few hailstorms in the Emilia Romagna plains, some with small grains. The most intense event, with the possibility of beans up to about 2 cm, is found on Fiumana, near Forlì.

Campogialli (province of Arezzo), strong hailstorm, beans maximum size between 2 and 3 cm.
Petroio (fraction of Londa, province of Florence), we have news of a short hailstorm, the beans could have reached 2 cm.

Muccia and other areas around Camerino (province of Macerata), strong hailstorm, beans maximum size locally up to 4 cm.
Montegallo (Ascoli Piceno), dense hail, beans up to about 2 cm.
Montegallo (province of Ascoli Piceno), we confirm strong hail but with beans of 3 cm. Reported car damage.
Hail also between Camerino and Matelica (province of Macerata), with grains up to over 2 cm in Castelraimondo.
Montegallo and surroundings, up to Uscerno (Ascoli Piceno), we rectify again maximum grain size, up to 4 cm, many car damage.
Strong hail in the area of ​​Tolentino and surroundings (province of Macerata), locally beans up to 3-4 cm.

Palestrina (province of Rome), strong hailstorm, grains up to 3 cm, probable damage.


Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia), strong hailstorm with beans of 1-2 cm.
Northeim (Lower Saxony), reported hail showers with grains up to 2 cm.
Gersthofen (Bavaria), strong hailstorm with beans up to 2 cm.
Munich, reported some backhand of hail on west and south areas of the city. Beans 1-2 cm.
Düsseldorf, news of hail showers with beans of 1-2 cm. Species on northern areas.
Regarding the hailstorm on Munich, reported last night, we confirm but with the possibility of beans over 2 cm in the areas indicated where the rains have been abundant and with storage on the ground.Undingen (Baden-Württemberg) and surroundings, abundant hailstorm with ground deposit even 20 cm in height. Possible presence of grains over 2 cm.


Pásztó (province of Nógrád), reported hail showers with beans of 1-2 cm.
Nagykőrös (province of Pest), some grandinigenous backhand with beans of 1-2 cm.


Rogozinovo (Haskovo region), violent hailstorm, grains up to 5 cm, damage. The hailstorm also affected Kolarovo and Dositeevo.
Godech (Sofia region), dense hail, beans up to at least 2 cm.
Peychinovo (Ruse region), dense hailstorm, beans up to about 2 cm.


Dunajska Streda (Trnava district), hailstorm with grains up to 3 cm.


Tazlău (Bacău), strong hailstorm, beans dimension maxim of over 2 cm, less than 3.
Fârdea (Timis district), dense hail, but rather small grains, no material damage.


Srebrenica, hailstorm with grains up to 2 cm.
Potoci (near Mostar, canton of Herzegovina-Narenta), dense hail with beans up to at least 2 cm.