Crushing hailstorm in Italy, France, Russia and East-Europe on 6th May 2018


Strong hailstorms with grains even over 3 cm in diameter in the Lake Como area. We mention Tremezzo, Lenno, Sala Comacina, up to the Brienno area. Cadenabbia, Menaggio, Bellagio area, towards Varenna, Lierna, Mandello del Lario, the mountain area such as Civenna, Magreglio, Barni, Pian del Tivano, Sormano area, and currently the other mountain area such as San Fedele Intelvi, Pigra, Argegno.
Castiglione D’intelvi.
We confirm the news already sent from Como and Lecco, with very intense hailstorms throughout the area of ​​the middle and upper Lake Como. Beans up to 4 cm in the area of ​​Lenno, very affected even the whole Valle d’Intelvi. Valsassina also struck in the strong hailstorms in Lecco.
Strong hail also in the Varese area, on Montegrino Valtravaglia (near Luino), beans up to about 4 cm. Strong hailstorm also on Cuveglio and Cremenaga.
We confirm the violent hailstorms also on the oar of Lecco of Lake Como, Species between Abbadia Lariana, Mandello del Lario and Lierna with grains of 3 cm.
Still reports for the area of ​​Varese, but more specific, where Luino a Cremenaga, to get to Montegrino Valtravaglia, Grantola, Porto Valtravaglia and Brezzo di Bedero, hail has fallen with quantities of 10-15 cm on the ground, with remarkable grains, estimates up to -3-4 cm.

Western districts of Genoa, between Sestri Ponente, Pegli, Pra, Voltri, strong hailstorm, beans maximum size about 2.5 / 3 cm. Affected highway A10. Probable damage.
Strong hailstorms between the hinterland of Voltri, Mele, Masone, Campo Ligure and Rossiglione (Genoa), beans up to 3 cm, also hit the A26 motorway. Probable damage.

We have news of hailstorms in the Lake Maggiore area, towards Gravellona Toce and Verbania. We are checking the hail, other news later or tomorrow morning.
We confirm the hailstorm of Verbania and nearby areas, with beans up to 4 cm and damages.

We confirm the very strong hailstorms between the Varese area and Lake Maggiore. On the Lombard side hit the villages along the lake between Bedero, Germignaga and Luino. Car damage news. The most intense hailstorms hit the hinterland of Luino, with 10-30 cm of hail on the ground and grains up to 3-4 cm in the areas of Fornasette, Cremenaga and Montegrino Valtravaglia.
In the Piedmont area hailstorms hit the Verbania area, Gravellona Toce, the most intense are reported in the Carpugnino area.

Some hailstorms have affected the provinces of Pordenone and Udine. North of Pordenone we have news from some countries of the foothills, San Leonardo area, Maniago and nearby. North of Udine, hailstorm scattered between Faedis, Osoppo and Gemona, and between Gemona and Carnia, also along the A23 motorway. At the moment we have no news of beans over 2 cm.

Lucera, Biccari, Alberona (province of Foggia), hailstorms scattered in areas mainly of the countryside, with beans locally up to 3 cm.
Cerignola (Foggia), hailstorm but there are no grains over 2 cm.


Laroquebrou (Cantal department), dense hail with beans up to 2 cm, fallen with a lot of wind.
Le Martinet (Gard department), dense hailstorm, beans maximum size 2 cm.
L’Espérou, Valleraugue, Le Vigan (Gard), dense hailstorms, beans up to 2 cm, locally possible maximum slightly higher size.
Avène (dep. Hérault), strong hailstorm, grains up to 2 / 2.5 cm.
Meyreuil, Auriol, Simiane-Collongue (painting Bouches-du-Rhone), hailstorm with grains not exceeding 2 cm.


Jaen, hail but with small grains, under 2 cm.
Puerto Moral (province of Huelva), hailstorm with grains under 2 cm.


Bad Mitterndorf (Styria), hailstorm with grains maximum size not exceeding 2 cm.
Mooswald (Carinthia), hailstorm with grains under the 2 cm threshold.


Čerkasy, part of the city was affected by a very strong hailstorm, with grains up to about 3 cm. Probable damage.


Volokolamsk (Moscow region), strong hailstorm, beans up to 4 cm.
Orël, strong hailstorm with accumulation on the ground, grains up to 2 cm, not excluded in the mass slightly larger grains.
Khvoshchevatoye (Smolensk region), strong hailstorm with grains maximum size between 3 and 4 cm.
Hailstones have affected several towns in the Smolensk region, with grains around 2 / 2.5 cm.
We report the areas of Bogoroditskoye (southern suburbs of Smolensk), Verkhnedneprovskiy, Vadino, Ashkovo (northern suburbs of Gagarin).
Hail in the Tver region, beans up to 2 / 2.5 cm in the areas of Kalistovo, Mitenëvo and Petrovskoye.


As for the hail already reported in the north of the island of Rhodes, we can specify that the largest 3 cm grains have affected the city of Faliraki.


Busnovi (Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina), strong hailstorm with grains of 3 / 3.5 cm and damage.
With regard to the already reported hail of Zavidovići (Central Bosnia), we point out the possibility of beans over 2 cm.


Pristina and Ferizaj, strong hailstorms, grains up to over 2 cm.


Çayırbağı and Karadiğin (Konya province), strong hailstorms with 3 cm grains and damage.
Lousakies and Kampos (Messenia), violent hailstorms with accumulation on the ground and grains over 2 cm. Possible damage.
Florina and Grevena (Western Macedonia, marked strong hailstorms with accumulation on the ground and grains up to 2 cm in diameter.
Sorgun (Province of Yozgat), violent hailstorm with accumulation on the ground and grains over 2 cm. We do not exclude car damage.
Savcılı Büyükoba and Savcılıkurutlu (Province of Kırşehir), marked violent hailstorms with grains up to 2 cm in diameter. Accumulation on the ground, damage to the agricultural sector.


Oravita and surroundings (Caras-Severin district), very intense hailstorm, grains up to almost 3 cm, probable damage. Hail also in the area between Resita and Bocsa.
Găeşti and Doiceşti (Dambovita district), dense hailstorms, on Doiceşti beans up to over 2 cm.
Timisoara, hail in some city districts, but with grains under the 2 cm threshold.
Hailed grenades with beans that locally may have reached 2 cm, have affected the whole area around Timisoara between Jimbolia, Jebel, Buzias and Recas. On the highway near Remetea Mare, we have news of a strong hailstorm.