Crushing hailstorm in Italy, Bulgaria and Spain on 18th May 2018


Mezzoldo, Sparavera (Bergamo), dense hail, beans no more than 2 cm
Hail on the border between the provinces of Monza and Como, in the area between Seveso and Casnate with Bernate, however with small grains, under 2 cm.

San Pietro Mussolino (Vicenza), strong hailstorm, beans maximum size 2 cm.
Roana (Vicenza), dense hail but beans under 2 cm.
Some other hailstorm in the Verona, Vicenza and Belluno foothills but light and with small grains.

Some hailstorms in the surroundings of Pordenone and in those of Udine, the most intense episode struck Vallenoncello with grains, however, under 2 cm.


La Rinconada (Seville), dense hail, beans within the 2 cm threshold.
Sevilla la Nueva (Madrid), hailstorm with grains under the 2 cm threshold.
Guareña (Badajoz), dense hail with accumulation on the ground, the grains should not have exceeded 2 cm. Hailstones also hit Hornachos and Puebla del Prior. There are no beans greater than 2 cm.
Puertollano (Ciudad Real), hail but with grains under 2 cm.
Villarramiel and Cevico de la Torre were in the province of Palencia hailstorm, however there are no beans equal to or greater than 2 cm.
Peñaranda De Duero (Leon), dense hail but grains under the threshold of 2 cm.


Balašicha (Moscow), violent hailstorm with beans up to 4 cm and damage.
Šebekino (Belgorod), very dense hailstorm, 2-3 cm grains.


Kharkiv (or Kharkov in Russian), we rectify grain size. In various parts of the city and its surroundings the beans have reached 4 cm, and in some areas up to 5-6 cm. Many damages.
Jenakijeve (Donetsk region), dense hail, beans up to about 3 cm.
Between Kaniv and Zolotonoša (Cherkasy region), dense hail with light accumulation on the road and grains up to over 2 cm.


Minsk, hail in the city with grains up to over 2 cm. Possible around larger beans, we are still carrying out checks, any other info later.


Zavidovići (Canton of Zenica-Doboj), extremely heavy hailstorm accompanied by torrential rains. Given the abundance of rainfall, we do not rule out beans larger than 2 cm.


Gabrovo, reported abundant hailstorm with accumulation on the ground that in some areas of the city has exceeded 5 cm in height. Beans of 1-2 cm, but the magnitude of the phenomena leads not to exclude the presence of larger beans.
Haskovo, abundant hailstorm with accumulation on the ground. Reported beans up to 2 cm very hard, not excluding the presence of larger beans.


Area of ​​Karlovac, reported abundant violent hailstorm with interest in the towns of Belavic, Mrežnik Care, Zvečaj and Bukovlje. Remarkable the accumulation on the ground, of several cm of height, probable the presence of grains over 2 cm of diameter.
Between Gradina and Bačevac (Virovitica and Podravina region), abundant hailstorm with considerable accumulation on the ground. Beans up to 2 cm, possible presence of larger beans.