Crushing hailstorm in Italy and Spain on 28th April 2018

Schia (province of Parma), hailstorm with grains under the threshold of 2 cm.
Prato Gentile (municipality of Capracotta, province of Isernia), dense hailstorm, beans maximum size 2 cm.

Regarding the hailstorm of Alicante, the largest grains, up to over 2 cm, have fallen in the area between Cap de l’Horta and Playa de San Juan. In the Murcia region, hailstorms with damage reported in the agricultural sector, have occurred in the area between the municipalities of Ulea, Fortuna and Molina de Segura.
Huesca west suburbs, hailstorm with grains not over 2 cm.
Other hailstorms have affected the Pyrenean area of the province of Huesca but with small grains.