Crushing hailstorm in France and Spain on July 1st 2018

Bidache, Hastingues and Peyrehorade (bordered by the Pyrénées-Atlantiques and Landes departments), violent grandinate, thin chubs at 4-5 cm, damages.
Ustaritz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), sharp with fine chicchias at 4-5 cm. A Souraïde boys 2-3 cm.

Bilbao, Santuxtu, Etxebarri, Basauri, Galdakao, fort grandinata, chicchi in the middle of about 2 cm, maximum dimension 3 / 3.5 cm in the Santuxtu and Etxebarri area.
Figueruelas, Alagón, Utebo (Saragossa), strong fort, fine chubs at 3 cm.
Longares and Cariñena (Saragozza), fine fish, fine chives of about 2 cm.
Yesa (Navarra), strong lord, fine chicchi to about 3 cm.
Algemesí (Valencia), small size with lieve accumulated in the soil, chicchi fine to about 2 cm, not lockable possibility of bigger chick peas.
In the area between Leza and Navaridas (Vitoria-Gasteiz), the maximum dimension of chicchi was higher than 2 cm.
Sueca and Mareny de Barraquetes (Valencia), great violin, fine chicchi besides 3 cm. Your Alzira chicchi not more than 2 cm.
Urkabustaiz (Vitoria-Gasteiz), strong lined with fine chicchi to about 3.5 cm.
Tra Daroca, Val de San Martin, Santed, Gallocanta and Las Cuerlas (province of Saragossa), violent great-grandchildren, locally fine grains, plus 3 cm.
Lanaja (Huesca), small set with fine chips of around 3 cm. Some auto insurance has been auctioned.
Cadavedo (Asturie), strong lined with fine chicchi to about 3 cm.
Sources of the Ebro (Saragozza), small but small chicchi socle soglia di 2 cm.