Crushing hailstorm in Europe on August 31th 2018


Vedano Olona, ​​Malnate, Cantello and Castiglione Olona (Varese), strong hailstorms, particularly in the Vedano Olona area hail with abundant accumulation on the ground and grains up to about 3 cm.
Area north of the province of Milan, between Arese, Bollate, Novate Milanese, Cormano, Niguarda Parco Nord Milano, strong hailstorms, beans up to 3 cm in the Bollate area, up to over 2 cm in other areas. Car damage possible. Events in extension also towards the east between Cusano Milanino and Cinisello Balsamo. Any updates, events in progress will follow.

We confirm the hailstorm reported yesterday on Chioggia and surroundings (sin on Cavarzere), the abundant hailstorm has also violently hit Badia Polesine and Giacciano with Baruchella. Reported beans of 2 cm, but do not rule out the presence of grains of a larger diameter.
Asolo, violent hailstorm with grains over 2 cm in diameter. Possible damage.

Between Novigrad and Porec (especially on Porec and surroundings, Istria) violent hailstorm. Very hard 2 cm beans, with slight accumulation on the ground.

Sochi (Krasnodar Territory), violent hailstones 3 cm. Probable damage.

Batočina (District of Šumadija), reported abundant violent hailstorm. Deposit on the ground, 2-3 cm beans with possible damage.

Horjulu (Central Slovenia), a huge hailstorm with ground clearance. We do not exclude the presence of beans over 2 cm in diameter.

Yaylaaltı, Armutveren and Taşkıran (District of Posof, Province of Ardahan), violent hailstorm likely to be present in the presence of beans of about 2 cm or more as reported damage to the vegetation.