Crushing hailstorm in Europe on August 22th 2018


Monteroni d’Arbia (Siena), strong hailstorm, beans maximum size 3 cm.
Tavernelle Val di Pesa (Florence), storm with hail and grains up to 2 cm.

Matelica (Macerata), dense hail, beans up to 2 cm.

Valmontone and Colleferro (Rome), we have news of a hailstorm with grains that could have reached 2 cm.
Ceccano (Frosinone), strong hailstorm, beans of about 2 cm, possible maximum maximum size.

Nardò and surroundings (Lecce), dense hailstorms, beans locally up to 2 cm.
In the areas between the tarantino and the south-western leccese already mentioned in previous reports, between Manduria, Avetrana, Torre Lapillo, towards the marine area near Nardò, car damage is reported.

Marano di Napoli, hail but with grains under the 2 cm threshold. We have no news of other major hail in the Neapolitan area.

Santadi (Carbonia-Iglesias), dense hailstorm, beans up to 2-3 cm.
Giave (Sassari), dense hailstorm, beans up to 2-3 cm.

Lauris (department of Vaucluse, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region), violent hailstones beans of over 3 cm, possible 4 cm. Damage.
Gignac (Hérault department in the Occitania region), strong hailstorm grain max 2 cm.
La Roque-d’Anthéron (Department of the mouths of the Rhone, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region), strong hailed grain size probable 2 cm.
Surroundings of Serra di Fiumorbo (Upper Corsica Department, Corsica region), reported violent hailstorm. Info beans not yet available.
Gardanne (Bouches-du-Rhone department), strong hailstorm, grains up to over 2 cm, maximum size almost 3 cm. Hailed also in the Saint-Savournin area.

Manzanares (autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha), strong hailed grain max 2 cm.
Jerez de Los Caballeros (autonomous community of Extremadura), strong hailstorms with beans of about 2 cm.
Montilla (province of Cordoba), strong hailstorm, beans of about 2 cm, damage reported to the agricultural sector
Tamames (Salamanca), news of hailstorm, size beans not currently known.
Las Casas (municipality of Utiel, province of Valencia), strong hailstorm with accumulation on the ground, grains up to 3 cm.

Orsova (Mehedinţi district), dense hail, beans up to about 2 cm.